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In addition to her work with patients, Samantha has held numerous media and speaker roles.

She was selected as media spokesperson for the national Australian weight management initiative ‘Share The Weight’ that provided participants across the country with extensive education and support during their weight loss journey. This role involved multiple radio, print media, and television interviews to endorse the psychological benefits of the programme, including appearing on Channel 7’s ‘Sunrise’ programme.

Samantha also appears as a guest expert on a US radio programme to speak on a range of psychological topics, such as anxiety, depression, stress management, overcoming procrastination, and relationship issues. 

In line with her passion for lifestyle and travel, Samantha was delighted to have the opportunity to become an on-camera presenter and model for Luxury Escapes, and made several appearances on the TV show ‘Destination Thailand’ with ex-Channel 9 host, Raine Grady. 

Prior to COVID-19, Samantha was regularly speaking on stage at business events of 60 to 550 attendees across Australia and New Zealand on topics such as fear and anxiety as entrepreneurial barriers, mindset, and motivation.

She has also been a guest lecturer / speaker at psychology and medical conferences, including the national GP Cardiovascular Symposia in various cities around Australia. 

Enquiries about Samantha’s availability for speaking or media engagements can be submitted via email, phone, or web form. 


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